Monday, October 14, 2013

For The Elite Expat Community: InterNations

Once you step into another country, you want to know all about it. You want to be able to meet new people, get to know your city and everything it offers.  InterNations is present on over 250 local expatriate communities around the world uniting members of 180 nationalities and is that one online portal where all the expatriates come together and share their experiences abroad. Only people with a background in traveling and living in a foreign country are able to be a part of this expat community. 

All the members to this community are hand-picked and this exclusivity works as one of its significant features.

To an expat blogger, InterNations gives a great opportunity to be a part of its recommended expat blogger and in this way be available to a wider audience. You can check out my Interview here and more on Working in China Guide here.

InterNations also has an expat magazine that offers information and first-hand experience articles on moving, living, working and even on cross-cultural communication. What’s more is that every month top-class InterNations events take place in numerous communities world-wide, giving expatriates the chance to meet other expats in an exclusive and international environment.

It’s the ultimate expat experience; make sure you’re part of it.

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