Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Say Hello To Shopping In Beijing

People come to China from all over the world to shop mostly due to the relatively low prices and what seems like unlimited variety. Shopping online on sites like Taobao is not only common but also a better shopping option because of these simple reasons. Even if you don't have an online account, there are a bunch of places you can visit here and make your trip worthwhile.

Tourist Go-To Places 

Yashao in Sanlitun, Silk Street/Market in Chaoyangmen

Silk Market

Tourists make sure they stop by these places. Very similar locations, standing a few stories tall, every floor is dedicated to clothes, shoes, bags or electronic accessories. For first timers, these places seem like a good option but I personally don’t like to bargain to the extent of spending more than half my time talking about the price with the salesperson. These people spend a lot of time dealing with foreigners so interaction with them is easier but some of them could prove to be unnecessarily persistent to the point of being pushy.

Must See 

Wangfujing Market, Xidan Shopping Area and The Place

Wangfujing famous for its bizarre street food

As the most famous commercial area of Beijing, Wangfujing has been known to be the earliest business activity center. The street is less than one kilometer long, but it is crowded with specialty and long-history shops, which are full of modern atmosphere and high taste.

West of Tiananmen square, Xidan is an up-market commercial area just like the US department store. Providing mid-and high-quality commodities, this shopping area is another place with the big brand names all located here. Same goes for The Place located in Guomao. You will find everything from Zara, Gucci to Giorgio Armani here.

My Winner 

Golden Towers

Golden Towers

Golden towers is located approximately 20 minutes from the Wudaokou subway station and is without a doubt my favorite place to shop. Having lived in Wudaokou for a year, I have had the chance to shop at this amazing place almost religiously. Offering the lowest prices, with minimum bargain involved, Golden towers offers clothes, (amazing) shoes, and accessories along with the chance to get a simple manicure for just 10 RMB.

Electronics? Zhongguancun 

Also referred to as "China's Silicon Valley", and "electronics avenue," because of its connections to information technology and the preponderance of stores along a central, crowded street. If electronics are what you're into, this is the place for you.

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