Saturday, June 7, 2014

How A Social Profile Can Land You A Job!

How did I get my job as a content developer? Not my degree in Medical Biotechnology. Not my Diploma in Mandarin but the blog that I wrote while in China got me a job. Living in a world, the internet-era, it is increasingly important for a person to have a social media standing. For example, a friend of mine graduated in a course in journalism and the first few questions her boss asked her whether she was on LinkedIn and if she had an active Twitter profile.

Today, YouTubers have a career earning much more than what they could have with their degrees. Take for instance, Jenna Marbles who cries every now and then with her degree wrapped around her arms, all in good humour. With millions of subscribers and fans all over the world, Jenna Marbles is doing great. All thanks to YouTube. Similarly Superwoman, Ray William Johnson, have made a brand for themselves. Each one unique bringing their own charm in front of the camera, mostly from the comforts of their homes. Social profiles not just on YouTube, but on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram- People can not get enough of people. Jennyandteets2 aka Jason Bigg's wife is keeping me busy laughing every now and then with her posts on her newborns- absolutely hilarious. She even recorded herself in labour- in the hospital-about the deliver. Now, she's happily breastfeeding and joking about her new parenting ways.

There's one other person in this list who made it big for themselves, all thanks to her ever growing subscribers and fans, and again, from all over the world. Michelle Phan. With millions of fans and hundreds of make-up tutorial videos in her bag, she went for her dreams and started her own make-up line. Now, that's brilliant. Bringing us back to- social profile. Except the obvious thriving YouTube channel, she currently has her own website which goes by her name (something I'm looking in for myself, as well), Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, G+ to name the top few.

I started blogging out of sheer attempt to let my opinion out there- somewhere in the matrix of the massive virtual world of the internet. After sticking to blogging a bit more regularly, and finding myself in the middle of an alien community in Beijing, I slowly see the impact my articles have made in building my own profile internationally. This community isn't confined to blogs- it stretches out to all social media giants.  This connectivity makes it even more exciting because it leaves the possibilities endless. Swinging from writing travel logs to international relations to philosophical existence, I'm enjoying writing more than ever before. I' not quite sure how many of my fans are out there, but I want you all to know that I'm coming out with my own website soon, featuring all my blogs. I hope you're excited, because I can't contain my happiness. :)


  1. Good read :) Now looking forward to your website!

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