Monday, October 14, 2013

Recommendation- NO Spark

I have been a Jay Sean fan since he started with the Rishi Rich Productions. He’s always been a part of the group, I love Juggy D and Rishi Rich the same way. I've been so lucky enough to see and dance with Juggy D live! It’s been such an amazing experience. The following are two videos, one from before Jay showed up and the one after he did. 

This time when I was in Beijing, I found out Jay Sean was coming. Determined to see him live me and my sister reached there right on time, waited for over 2 hours for him to show up and when he did, the crowd obviously got crazy. The bouncers were right upfront, even though there were wide steel pipes separating us from the stage. After my several attempts to ignore and avoid the crowd punching and pushing from behind, the Chinese bouncers took both me and my sister out of the club. The most obnoxious sort of club I have ever come across. This club is so discriminatory. We were in the front, minding our business and dancing while these other Chinese women were dancing and punching us from behind, and to our surprise, the bouncers decided to take us out instead. It is ridiculous and honestly absurd. 

The View From The Great Wall does not recommend “Spark” located in Guomao, Beijing.  Avoid this discriminatory club. 


  1. Not a surprise here. Spark's staff lacks of any training, good manners and basic knowledge of logistics. They just push people, behave in the most chenguan-style way and unless you are a hooker or a disgusting chinese rich boy, you won't get good service there. That's their business, and that works for them. Don't expect any reply from them or feedback, that's not their style

  2. Hi anonymous, you are absolutely right. They are disrespect to the rest of the crowd. I had to write about Spark and get my experience out there. I hope people wanting to have a good time don't end up going to this club. It is definitely not worth their time, leave alone money.