Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Visit To Wudaokuo, Haidian With Risha

New and Improved BLCU

This is the first time ever I visited Wudaokuo with my sister. I studied in BLCU in 2011 for an year and Risha went to study there for an year in 2012. So we did miss each other out by that much. This was the first day we were in the same school at the same time. We went across the U center and entered from one of the southern gates of BLCU. Packed out our separate favorite dishes from the BLCU canteen. And to add to that, we closed the deal by going shopping to Golden Towers. This time, like all times, I came across the cheapest pair of gorgeous heels. Brown. Yum. We bought a couple things and even got the famous 10 RMB manicures done. My nails like that little treat. After lunch, while waiting for Risha to come back from buying a calling card, I was sitting right in front of the famous BLCU library, right out front of the canteen. BLCU is gorgeous as ever. And the construction that was going on when I left has most definitely been completed. BLCU is gorgeous!

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