Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The 21st Century Pain!

In August 2013, I got myself one of the best phones the world had to offer – The LG Nexus 4. Smooth, sleek, classy black and just beautiful. I was on the constant hunt to look for a good cover for it because the one con it did have was a glass back. An extremely bad idea for any phone to have, absolutely. I wanted a cover, a funky one for my baby. I safely got it to Beijing and for the good few days I didn't go out, me and my bff were getting long just great. Everything from my emails, the best 8 megapixel camera, my new found excitement for Instagram and so on forth, I didn't even notice I was already in a relationship with the one thing that was my rock- my phone.

ONE UGLY night, under the sign –San li tun SOHO, a bit tipsy and too excited, I don’t even know what exactly happened but the next thing I know my baby fell in the water. It hit the ground went for a swim. I do not even know how to describe how that feels. To have your super new phone that you wanted soooooo bad to just fall within weeks of purchase. This is the 21st century pain. I am currently trying out my options to save my baby. I've tried a couple of times here but the chinese guys say I need to change the motherboard along with the screen, Damnit! But the ultimate decision would be back to India- warranty repair.

I have gone through with the option of RICE. And it did not work for me. I can see 20% of my screen when I put it on with a charger, the power button’s gone. I have just gone through the worst feeling. This was brand new. This was everything to me : ( Here’s hoping to fix it in the new future… or a new phone even.