Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Re-introducing to you Reado- India’s first website that offers Digital Download.  

As mentioned in my earlier post "Traveler's Must-Have", Audiobooks are not only convenient to carry anywhere or to download, but if you’re lucky they go that extra mile to give the listener a more personalized feeling by narrating the book in their voice.

From bestsellers to Children’s literature to Management essentials- Reado is one stop shop for the Audiobooks you’re looking for. There’s a new feature on the Reado site for “Free Audiobooks” from where, as the name suggests, you can download free audiobooks consisting of classics by the likes of Mark Twain and Lewis Carroll.

Navigating through Reado’s newly done homepage, you’ll find yourself eager to try this thing of the future. Reado has given its website a refreshing makeover making it appealing to any person because the layout is simple yet so effective. It has a flawless look and easy to navigate plus the content is well written. The modern design is very consistent throughout all of the pages.

What’s more is that once you buy an Audiobook- it’s yours forever!

All you need to do is login to your Reado account and download the Audiobook from your personal library. You can download your Audio Books as many times as you like, for life. Enjoy these exciting features and enter the world of tomorrow, get your hands on an Audiobook NOW! No matter how you're travelling, you'll always have time for your favorite author, or the new bestseller. No more excuses!

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