Thursday, September 19, 2013

F Visa (Business) Extension In Beijing, China 2013

The Extension of the Business "F" visa

Most of us are confused with the new visa rule changes that have come up in the recent times. Starting on 1st September, the following on the link are the changes come in effect.

Foreigners being invited to Beijing for undertake activities like short term visit investigations lectures business scientific & technological and cultural exchange and short-term advanced studies practice etc., should holding "F" (visiting) visa for entry, and stay within the resident period of visa, which countered from the date of entry, if still need to stay when exceed the resident period, should process visa extension application procedures to Exit & Entry Administration, Public Security Bureau in Beijing before the expiry, the times of extension is not limited, but each time extension shouldn't exceed 3 months, the accumulated resident period not exceed one year. When request visa extension application, must provide the following materials:

1. One's valid passport and visa;

2. Host units' official letters in chinese (if hosted by independent investment joint venture and foreign investment enterprises the whole-people collective and joint stock companies etc., must also provide originals and copies of duplicate of "Business License");

3. Adding the official seal of the unit when fill out "Application Form for Visa Residence Permit", and stick a recent, two in., bareheaded, full-faced photo.

Official website:

Note: You cannot apply for an extension of visa AGAIN. You have the choice of either leaving the country (eg HK) or apply for another kind of visa. I know, totally sucks. Let's see what's in store for me next week. 

Address of visa Office: 

2 Andingmen Avenue (East), Dongcheng District, Beijing (Southeast of BeiXiaoJie Bridge, 2nd Ring Road).

How to get there: 
Public transportation: BeiXiaoJie HuoKou Stop by Bus 44, 13, 116,807, 117,  or Lama Temple Station by Underground Line 2, exit B

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